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Financial Protection. Can You Afford to Not Have it? 

We ensure our homes, the contents, our cars and even our pets! That’s because we know that if something went wrong, it would cost A LOT to put it right. If you were to suddenly stop receiving your income because of illness, a major accident or death, would you be able to maintain the lifestyle that you and your family have become accustomed to? 

Financial Protection does just that! It protects you against financial hardship should you become ill, unable to work or die. 

There are 100s of different insurances available that provide financial protection. However, off the shelf policies are often confusing and the market can be hard and laborious to navigate. Talk to our experienced team of independent financial advisors. We’ll be able to create a policy that is entirely tailored to your personal situation. 

Personal Financial Protection

Life Insurance

Life Insurance will pay out either regular payments, or a lump sum on death. For a family with small children, life insurance can provide vital financial support. 

We offer single and joint policies which can be used to pay off your mortgage, regularly pay beneficiaries or provide a lump sum payment. 

We recommend Life Insurance to people with dependants and young families.

Life Insurance cover for individuals from Midland Business Insurance Services
Critical Illness cover for individuals from Midland Business Insurance Services

Critical Illness

Critical Illness Cover pays out an agreed amount if you become incapacitated or get struck by a serious illness. Critical Illness is intended to fund your rehabilitation and pay for any changes that you might need to make to your lifestyle or in adapting your living environment.

Critical Illness insurance will not cover you in the event of an accident or injury, so you may wish to consider Income Protection Insurance. 

We recommend this policy to single adults as it can be useful for covering debts or providing short term cover for illness. However, since most policies will pay a lump sum at the time of death (if you haven’t claimed for a critical illness), it may be an appropriate policy for people with dependents.

Income Protection

Income Protection provides a replacement income in the event that you become too poorly (from illness or injury) to work. Typically, policies will cover up to 75% of your income after a specific period of not being able to work – one month, three months or six months. These policies will normally continue to pay out until you return back to work or retire.

We recommend an Income Protection policy to the self employed or if your job does not include sick pay or protection scheme benefits (of which this form of cover can sometimes be a part).

It is important to get expert advice before taking out an insurance policy. Talk to an expert today

Income Protection cover for individuals from Midland Business Insurance Services